Cedar Shakes

House with cedar shakes

You may be considering cedar shakes because of the historical value of your home or because you want a rustic appearance. Historical reasons and their aesthetic appeal are great reasons to have MR Roofing install a cedar shake roof on your home.

There’s no reason not to consider a cedar roof unless the roof is nearly flat or is close to trees, requiring a lot of maintenance to keep it clean.

Western red cedar shakes are a natural product, so each shake is unique. When we install cedar shake roofs, we inspect each shake and throw any defective or odd-looking pieces.

We install felt between layers of cedar to help keep them dry. Even if the manufacturer doesn’t require this, we know that it helps keep the cedar dry, which allows the roof to last longer.

Sometimes people wonder why the cost of cedar shakes is so high. Cedar shakes are time-consuming to install—up to three times longer than asphalt shingles. Along with the higher production cost of the shakes, this makes a cedar roof a more expensive roof option.

Would you like to enhance your home with a beautiful cedar roof? Maybe your building has historical significance, and a cedar roof could give it the look you are striving for.

As long as your roof is angular and far enough away from trees, maintenance should be simple.

Western red cedar shakes are natural, and each is unique.  All your cedar shakes will be inspected, and any defective or odd-looking pieces thrown away.

Between each piece of cedar, we install felt, so your roof will remain dry.  The drier it stays, the longer it lasts.

You may wonder why the cost of cedar shakes is higher than the other roofing options.  Well, they are more time-consuming to install, taking up to three times longer than asphalt shingles.  They also have a higher production cost, resulting in more expense.

Transform your home with a new cedar shake roof.

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