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If you choose MR Roofing to re-roof your house or other building, consider also choosing MR Roofing to replace your windows, siding, or other exterior remodel work.

Gutter Installation & Cleaning

House roof with gutters

Got gutter problems? Whether you have a leaking gutter, a gutter that doesn’t drain properly, or need replacement gutters for the whole house, MR Roofing can take care of your gutter problems so that all the water stays where it is supposed to be—away from the foundation of your house.

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A house with siding

MR Roofing does siding replacement only if we are also re-roofing.

Did the wind blow siding off your house? Are you looking for replacement siding to give your house a fresh look? If your home is starting to look old and tired, you will be surprised (and delighted) at how new siding will transform it!

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Replacement Windows

House with replacement windows

MR Roofing replaces windows only if we are also re-roofing.

Are your windows letting in more than just light? Your home may need replacement windows. If your double-hung windows are not tight or if they are getting old, cold air might be seeping into your home in the winter or cooled air might be seeping out in the summer.

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Chimney Repairs

House with brick chimney

MR Roofing repairs chimneys only if we are also re-roofing.

All homes have roofs, but not all homes have chimneys these days. However, if your home has a chimney, it may require special attention.

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