Preserving A Dream with More than Just Standing Seam

Countless contractors walked away offering nothing more than a “Good luck” before the Kennedy’s found MR Roofing and it’s sister company, Stable Hollow Construction, to save their historic 1796 barn.

“We were really happy that we found [MR Roofing] and that they were able to accomplish, what is like a dream…”

According to the date chiseled in the foundation stone, the McDowells built the barn in 1796. It is built in a typical Pennsylvania style, with the most prominent feature being the forebay. Pennsylvania-style barns usually have a central threshing floor, 2 mow bays, a granary, a gable roof, and a lower level for horses, cows, and other animals. This barn was no exception, having a granary with 8 compartments. Some of these markings can still be seen today in the original German. The lower level had four sections for animals, including horses, small goats and sheep, and an end section for cattle.

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date on barn chiseled in the stone
Back view of barn

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